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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Snow is falling, decorations are appearing, and everyone’s feeling just a little bit happier. Only problem is, your office is doing Secret Santa and you’re stuck buying a gift for someone who doesn’t even work on your floor. What are you supposed to buy for someone you don’t even know? Never fear. I have a list of awesome Secret Santa gift ideas for any budget that is sure to please even Scrooge.

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P.S. In case you don’t know what Secret Santa is, it’s a gift exchange where you’re responsible for buying a gift for whoever’s name you pull out of a hat. Don’t worry, someone also buys you a gift. Everyone’s Secret Santa is revealed at the gift exchange.

1) Something Monogrammed or Engraved

In general, people love anything that is personalized. Why? Because it shows that you’ve picked out a gift that’s unique and just for them. A necklace with the person’s initial or an engraving with a special date or message are all safe bets. Anthropologie has a whole section of their website devoted to monogrammed items and it’s all swoon-worthy. I’ve purchased these mugs for friends over the years and they are always well-received.

2) A Notebook or Agenda

Notebooks and agendas are not just a practical gift. Nowadays, they come with all different covers or funny sayings that really showcase their owner’s personality. Some of my favourites are from Bloom Daily Planners. I could seriously spend hours on their website. You can even pair your notebook with a matching pen to make a complete gift.

Best part is, because this is an “everyday” item, the recipient will think of you (and your thoughtfulness) often.

Win, win!

3) A Scarf, Hat, & Mittens Set

Christmas = cold (at least for a lot of us). Keep your Secret Santa warm this winter season with a matching scarf, hat and mittens set. The keyword here is “matching”. I don’t know about you but at my place, I have a bin of mismatched winter gear, which contains such items as a solo glove (whose partner I’m still hoping will turn up) and a free hat I got from a Santa Claus parade (yes, I am five).

So if someone gifted me with a matching set of winter essentials, well, I would be delighted (just putting that out there). These sets are sold in any department store so it would be super easy to find. I found some nice ones from Joe Fresh. Try to match the set to the recipient’s jacket, if possible. When in doubt, keep things neutral!

4) An Air Plant

The beauty of this gift is that 1) it can liven up a dreary cubicle and 2) it’s almost impossible to kill an air plant. No idea what an air plant is? No problem. Check them out here! Air plants often come in terrariums and can be simple or elaborate. In case you’re not convinced that a plant is a good choice, a study found that the greater the number of plants employees had near their desks, the more productive they were and the fewer sick leave they took. Can’t argue with science!

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5) Bake Something For Your Secret Santa!

Nothing says I’m thinking about you more than a tin full of homemade treats! This gift shows that you spent your time and energy to make something special. Pinterest is a great place for Christmas baking ideas. Just make sure to check for any allergies or dietary restrictions

Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ quite like anaphylactic shock…

Hopefully, this list of ideas helps you find the perfect Secret Santa gift. If you have more Secret Santa gift ideas, feel free to list them in the comments.

Finding the perfect gift for your Secret Santa doesn’t have to be hard. These 5 ideas are sure to please anyone on your list.

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