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“Oh my god, it’s so hot in here!!! I can’t breathe!”
“Brrr…is anyone else freezing???”
“I’m so tired!!! I can’t focus.”
“I’m starving. Like literally, starving.”

I’m embarrassed to admit it but these are all things I’ve said in the past week. I’ve repeatedly commented on the temperature, being too hungry, being too full, too hot, too cold, etc. 

I started to wonder, am I a chronic complainer?

My “a-ha moment” (thank you, Oprah) happened when a new girl at work innocently asked me how I was doing. I had a cold at the time so I replied by saying, “HORRIBLE.” Her face looked so surprised, she was in shock that I would reply so fiercely. 

Great. Now I’ve scared off the new girl who was just trying to be nice. And worse yet, her impression of me is probably less than positive.

Something had to change.

This is where I got the idea to start doing challenges. I decided that I will tackle a goal, give it my all for a month and see if I succeed (and, of course, bring you guys along for the journey). These goals will be in some form of self-improvement, be it mental (e.g., stop complaining) or physical (e.g., hit 15,000 steps everyday).

So for my goal for the month of May, I plan to stop complaining!

But, before I started, I wanted to see what friends and family think about how much I complain.

First up, I asked my coworker Vanessa

Without hesitation or batting an eye, it was a hard yes, I am a complainer. Ouch.

Next, I asked my sister. She was a bit surprised about the question. She agreed that I complained here and there but did not label me a complainer.

For the tie breaker, I asked my childhood friends. I mean, they’ve known me for over 20 years. They should have some insight. I sent them a text and waited anxiously for a response. 

The short answer: “Yes, sometimes you complain. But that’s what we’re here for, to listen to each other and vent.” 

So, why the discrepancies? 

For one, I think I complain way more at work than during my down time. I am there for eight hours of my day and it is after all, work. I also spend time with my co-workers more than any of my other social groups so they probably get to hear it all.  

Nevertheless, no one replied saying that I’m an overly positive person that sees the best in situations, yada, yada, yada.

Plus, the real kicker is that I see myself as a complainer and this isn’t something I’m proud of. 

So I set my goal: No more complaining for an entire month.

Who wants to join me 😉 ?

Check out Results from My 30 Day No Complaining Challenge (Part 2) for to see how it went! 

Feel like you're complaining a bit too much? I hear you. I decided to start a 30 day No Complaining Challenge to help myself out!

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  1. Modern Flourish Modern Flourish

    I think whatever works, works!

    Yes, that was a very eye-opening experience to see the shock in my new co-worker’s eyes when I was so negative. I didn’t like knowing that she probably found me to be a complainer. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise because that sparked my monthly challenge!


  2. Nancy Nancy

    Seems like the longer I spend at a job, the more I have a tendency to become really negative on it. I totally relate to the scary moment is when you realize other people label you as bitter when that’s never how you thought of yourself.

    Is it bad to try and avoid complaining by reminding yourself how much worse other people have it?

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