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*Click here to start reading from the beginning of my food journey.

As I started to become more mindful of what I was eating, I started watching healthy food documentaries, all the ones that said meat and sugar were the devils. I started reading about the acid/alkaline balance theory and different ways to “reset” my system. Although interesting, I didn’t follow through with all of these suggestions, but I was slowly becoming immersed by the whole “clean eating” culture.

I also started to cringe whenever I was invited to go out to eat at a restaurant.

Did my friends even consider how much oil and salt there was in pizza?

How was pepperoni supposed to fuel my body?  

And what was the point of eating cheese if it was just full of fat and calories?!

I was now beginning to hunt for the healthiest substitute for every ingredient. This started to make meal planning exhausting and no longer enjoyable.

Turning Point

I think my turning point was when I was at a food fair one day in the summer. My friend had bought me a samosa and I just stared at her like she had offered me a deeply fried hand grenade.

“Oh god, how am I supposed to eat this?” I thought, worried and perplexed.

I started to sweat. Was this little samosa going to ruin everything that I worked so hard to achieve? In the past few months, I had only been eating whole, healthy foods. This samosa was not on my list. I went home that night, tired, exhausted and worn out from constantly thinking about what I could and could not eat.

I looked at myself in the mirror. This time noticed that my weight was starting to creep below to what I typically weighed. Like I said, my weight had been pretty stable for most of my adult life so I knew that when it started to fluctuate, something was off balance.

How did I go from eating Burger King for breakfast to learning how to actually cook, to now becoming so neurotic about food? 

Was I becoming extreme with clean eating?

Unless I wanted to continue thinking about the nutritional content of every grain of rice, something had to change. I didn’t want my eating habits to become a serious problem

I needed to find balance. In Part 6, I’ll explain how I finally learned how to eat like a healthy human.

Comment below if you ever felt overwhelmed with too much healthy food or “clean eating”. Have any of you felt the need to eat only “perfect whole foods” to the point where it was beginning to consume your life?

When has clean eating gone too far? I started to restrict my diet and it was a total detox for the system. I only ate clean food.

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  1. Alicia marie Alicia marie

    I love this!!! I know exactly how you feel. I don’t want my clean eating to overwhelm my life I just never stick to anything for more than a few weeks. And I’m nervous that one cheat meal could turn into me completely falling off the wagon. But I’m going to keep trying and staying motivated to do clean mindful eating but have balance in my life or I’ll go crazy! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey!

    • Modern Flourish Modern Flourish

      Hi Alicia Marie,

      Thanks for your comment! I used to feel the exact same way but it wasn’t sustainable for me to cut out all junk food. Totally agree that balance is key. Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂 – Vanessa

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