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*This is the first article of a six-part series


This is my food journey- everyone has one. 

When I was a kid, I ate like a healthy human without even realizing it. 

We ate a balance of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, Jo Louis chocolate cakes and drank regular cow milk (gasp). You know, all the fun stuff. For a typical 90’s household, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I also never had to make any decisions about food since every meal was usually prepared by my parents.

But somehow as I transitioned from high school to university, I suddenly had to become responsible for my own food preparation.  

Whatever was easy to “cook”, and whatever tasted “good” (anything high in sugar and salt) were all winners to me. I was finally on my own and had the freedom to feed myself whatever I wanted.

I even spent hours in organic chemistry class studying the exact structure of glucose and fructose molecules, but it never dawned on me that:

So how did I go from a fast-food eating university student to a frequent poster of avocado and toast photos on Instagram? It definitely wasn’t overnight. My food journey to a healthy diet took me a few years of ups and downs to develop.

I’m hoping that the next few posts can help everyone learn to have a more balanced view of food. Your mindset about what you eat is never too late to start reprogramming.

No one grows up loving broccoli and carrots.

Or do they?

Comment below if you’ve had an interesting journey to finding a healthy diet!

I grew up with clean eating, but in college, I ate junk food. Next, I went extreme with clean eating but now I have a healthy, balanced diet.

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  1. Modern Flourish Modern Flourish

    It’s fun to look back to the university days to see how far we’ve come with our nutrition.

  2. Downtowner Downtowner

    Curious to see if anyone is actually brought up loving broccoli and carrots. Despite thinking I was pretty smart at the time, when I was in university my diet consisted largely of Kraft Sidekicks. They were like a fancy version of Kraft Dinner which I occasionally seasoned with peanut butter. Is it self destructive rebellion or just youthful foolishness?

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