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“Are you sure you want to shut down your computer now?” 

Before this message even registers in my brain, my finger has already been frantically tapping the enter button.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m packing up to go home. 

The euphoria I feel at 5pm on a Friday is indescribable. I’m feeling light as a feather. The entire weekend is ahead of me. Over 48 hours of pure freedom!

Now fast forward to 5pm on a Sunday. Suddenly, I feel like I’m carrying 25 lbs kettlebells with me everywhere I go. My mind starts thinking of all the things waiting for me on Monday…

Follow up on the email to Jane…again (How come she never replies to me?!). 

Send out meeting minutes. 

Update the boss on the latest numbers.

I’ve got a serious case of the Sunday Blues.

The Sunday Blues is that feeling of dread you get on Sundays when the pressure of the week ahead starts to build.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a twinge of Sunday Blues. But I noticed it started getting worse when I entered the working world. At their worst, the Sunday Blues have started for me as early as Saturday morning when I was eating breakfast. Um, I guess that’s just called the weekend blues?

A poll by found that 76% of American respondents feel the same way I do. And every Sunday evening my Instagram feed gets chock-full of Sunday Blues memes.

We are in this together.

Once I realized that the Sunday Blues were completely ruining my entire weekend, I’ve been trying to get them under control. 

Here’s what I try to do:

1. Book fun things for Sunday night

Doing something on Sunday evenings, like going for pizza with friends also takes your mind off of the impending doom…ahem…I mean, Monday morning. The weekend can’t be considered “over” if you still have something booked for later in the day, right? 

2. Wake up earlier (but not crazy early)

That’s when I realized I’d been “wasting” my Saturday mornings sleeping. No, I’m not going to recommend waking up at 7am on Saturday mornings because that’s just crazy talk. 

But I did notice that sleeping through the entire morning on Saturdays did make me feel like I was missing out on valuable weekend time. So, I’ve started waking up 2 hours earlier on Saturday mornings. My weekend just got 2 hours longer…hello world!

Ok, so now I’ve gained 2 extra hours but what do I do with the extra time?

3. Set weekend goals

Nowadays, I try to make my weekends as productive as possible. I still have downtime, of course, but I’ve noticed that if I set goals at the beginning of the weekend and work towards them, my brain has less space for negativity. I’m not talking about action items or intricate to-do lists – we’ll save that for Monday. 

My typical weekend goals are:

  • Gym
  • Tanning
  • Laundry



My “real weekend to do list” includes:

  • Write a blog post
  • Put things away around the condo
  • Clean out the fridge (and try to identify what the fuzz is growing on my produce)

Ok, so now I’ve kept myself somewhat busy but most of these activities are solitary and indoors and I start feeling like a recluse.

Enter cabin fever. 

4. Get outside

It’s too cold to go out. It’s already dark. I’m cozy inside.” 

There are always going to be excuses. But going outside is one of the best things I can do for my Sunday Blues. I never regret it, I only regret not doing it. A trip to the grocery store, a short walk with a friend, these little things help me a ton. 

This saves me from my Netflix binge sessions…there’s only so many times one can watch The Office. Actually, that’s not exactly true…

Also, daylight is good for you! Don’t be a vampire and fear vitamin D. 

5. #TreatYoself Mondays

A latte. A croissant. An entire box of donuts…I mean a fruit smoothie….

Planning a small treat for yourself can make it a bit easier to get up on Monday mornings. If possible, try and encourage your co-workers to join you and you can spend the time together catching up on the latest weekend news. 

“How was your cousin’s wedding? Were the bridesmaids dresses really pea green?”

Although I still get that anxious and uncomfortable feeling as the sun goes down on Sunday but at least now I can honestly say my weekend wasn’t a waste. Monday morning at the office is going to come regardless (and I do realize that I’m lucky enough to have a job) so I might as well use my time off wisely! 

Do any of you suffer from the Sunday Blues? What are your tips to keep the Sunday Blues away?

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